Client Testimonials

Testimonials from Happy Bankruptcy Clients

We know, in the beginning it’s hard to imagine a happy outcome, but at the Law Office of Hindley & Henderson, our client testimonials speak for themselves. Our bankruptcy attorneys, Reginald Hindley and Ryan Henderson, have over 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law and take enormous pride in helping people and businesses successfully navigate the bankruptcy process. Below, you can read a small sample of our client testimonials, and if you are a current client, please contact us to leave a review or write a testimonial yourself!

“I would highly recommend Ryan A. Henderson to anyone seeking advice and guidance on all matters relating to bankruptcy reorganization. My family found themselves in that situation following the recent economic downturn. Mr. Henderson brought a level-headed calmness to what started as a very stressful dilemma for us. With his help we were able to have our debts reorganized and get our lives back on track. His compassion for our needs and the professional manner of his solutions throughout the process gave us the tools and confidence we needed for a successful recovery.”
Tim M.

“I was in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding, when my attorney did not respond to my calls.  I was in a panic and called the Bar Association. One of the attorneys they recommended was Reginald Hindley. He responded to me immediately, evaluated my situation and got to work right away.  Mr. Hindley was able to save my car from repossession, and dealt with my creditors. He is prompt, reliable and very professional. I am now able to focus on my job and to rebuild my credit. Thank you, Reginald.”
– Apolonia

“I highly recommend Hindley & Henderson Law.  Ryan was very knowledgeable and informative throughout the entire process, as well as being very prompt to respond to my emails and phone calls.  Bankruptcy can be a daunting process, but Ryan was able to make everything from the initial consultation to the hearing procedures simple and low stress.  His attention to detail and overall understanding for my situation made the bankruptcy process effortless and allowed me to get back to the rest of my responsibilities with no regrets on my decision to file.  Thank you, Ryan and Hindley & Henderson Law, you will be recommended every time I have the opportunity.”
– Will

“I want to thank you very much for your services and for the way you handled my case.  The resolution of my case will provide me with the opportunity to enjoy our family.  I will be very careful with my finances in the future.  It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. You are a fine professional whom I will be glad to recommend to anyone under similar circumstances. Well done Attorney Reginald Hindley.”
Marilou B.

“When the real estate market crashed, I found myself struggling to the point of extreme stress.  Working in the industry and having purchased my own home at the height of the market, I had a hard time meeting all my obligations.  With no other options, I turned to Mr. Hindley.  He understood my situation without judgement and helped put my financial condition back on track.  I’ve referred many people to him over the years.”
–  Tim H.  

” Your office is top notch in my book and your Standards of Care with your clientele is excellent! You strike the perfect balance of professionalism, while at the same time, understanding what an emotionally trying time it is for anyone of us, who finds themselves in this predicament. You gained our confidence early on in our first meeting as someone who was on our side and was going to look out for us as we moved forward in our decision to file for bankruptcy. You listened to us as we expressed our fears and concerns. And you made us feel a bit more comfortable when you addressed our worries, one by one…Another thing we really appreciated about your office was the fact that you were there for us every step of the way. Never once did you make us feel like you were too busy for us… Every question, every email, every phone call, was answered with the same caring and understanding nature you showed us in our first meeting. That really meant a lot to us. And, it speaks volumes as to the type of people you are. Choosing the wrong attorney could have been disastrous for us. We feel very fortunate we found you. Honestly, it felt like the first good financial decision we’ve made, in a long time. We wish you and your staff the very BEST!”