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At the Law Offices of Hindley & Henderson, we believe that education is the first step towards financial freedom. Our goal is to provide you with all the bankruptcy information and resources you need to understand your options, and to help guide you through the complexities of your unique financial situation.

Bankruptcy Information & FAQs

Having been in the bankruptcy business for over 30 years, we naturally hear the same questions asked again and again. Questions like: “How long does bankruptcy take?”What is the difference between chapter 7 vs chapter 13?” and “Will bankruptcy affect my job?” That’s why we provide you with our Bankruptcy Blog, where our experienced attorneys regularly answer your most frequent bankruptcy questions.

Visit our Bankruptcy Info Blog (or any of the Categories on the right) to find answers to your most frequently asked bankruptcy questions.

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At the Law Offices of Hindley & Henderson, we have been helping people understand the California bankruptcy process for over 30 years. Here you can find various links to helpful bankruptcy resources.

* Because we serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, you will find some of the above links localized to the Northern California region.

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We take great pride in educating our clients about the bankruptcy process and aim to provide the public with the most helpful bankruptcy resource site we can create! If you have suggestions or would like to share any bankruptcy resources with us, please contact us!

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