Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – What Is It?

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “reorganization case” and is typically reserved for businesses and incorporated businesses, although it may be an option for certain individuals.  When an individual has debts that exceed the limitations of Chapter13, Chapter 11 is available for reorganizing debt.

Confirmation of a Chapter 11 repayment plan will discharge debts based on the Plan of Reorganization.  Failure to complete the plan of reorganization, or to get a debt repayment plan approved, will often result in such Chapter 11 case getting converted to a liquidating Chapter 7 with the appointment of a Chapter 7 trustee.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a complex process and requires careful analysis and planning. Unlike Chapter 13, the debtor in a Chapter 11 serves as their own trustee and the law imposes strict duties on the individual in this role.

Similar to a Chapter 13, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy potentially allows a debtor to:

• Stop foreclosure
• Catch up mortgage arrears
• Resolve outstanding tax debt
• Remove junior liens
• Restructure senior liens

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